Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pancakes From The Sea

! Part Of This Nutritious Breakfast

Nothing says “good morning” like a plateful of delicious tentacles.Especially if they are PANCAKES!
Yummy Tentacled Pancakes!
Visit Nathan Shields blog to see LOTS more pancake art, and to watch a YouTube video showing how he makes these. His method is pretty simple. It doesn't look too hard - maybe you'll want to give it a try yourself!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bloody Heck!

As spied on Incredible Things. I tracked the source back to Score On Davie, a restaurant/pub in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Silly Canadians.  But, silly like a fox. Because, really, who doesn't love food supported by booze?

This Bloody Mary's 'garnishing' includes an entire chicken. Other drinks on the menu feature 'garnishes' such as deep friend pickles, grilled cheese sandwiches, onion rings, hot wings, hard boiled eggs, bacon, sausage pierogies, Bocconcini cheese, Chorizo sausage, pepperoni and peperoncini peppers.

Yum. and Hic.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Armada Does Leftovers

Armada Does Leftovers

What's the best part of Thanksgiving?  No, not the football. Cog no, not the football.

It's the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that!  It's all those LEFTOVERS!  This year, Armada's Scoundrel Fleet has decided to skip all the hard work of cooking a Thanksgiving feast and will be jumping DIRECTLY to the leftovers.

If you'd like to enjoy leftovers with the Scoundrel Fleet, come on by after the big day, anytime from November 29th through December 1st. We'll have plank tables out at the "To Hull and Back" bar at Fleet Headquarters, situated on scenic Scarlet Bay in the Blake Sea.

You might even find a plate of your OWN leftovers, iffin you aren't in the habit of locking your windows at night.

ALSO!  Look for Kimika Ying's magnificent trebuchet, free gifts, a walking treasure tour of the island and who knows what else!

*ALERT!!* Sunday at 10am slt, the Scoundrel Fleet will be picking the tables clean. If you want to fight them for the last drumstick, come on by.

November 29th through December 1st, 2013
To Hull and Back Bar, Scoundrel Fleet HQ, Scarlet Bay, Blake Sea
Come by anytime! Enjoy a snack, have some fun, get a gift!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pirate... Pasta?

Please tell me in the comments exactly *how* this is Pirate.  I have two notions, but I want to hear yours.

PS: This recipe should not be confused with a place called Pasta Pirate, which is a restaurant.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Yummy Yummy Jar of Dirt!

Once again, that Scoundrel Kimika Ying-Dagger has found foodie treasure for us!

It's the most delicious Jar of Dirt Ever! A lovely little foodie blog called Cakecrumbs, written by Rhiannon, an Aussie cook, shows us all how to make Davy Jones' Cheescakes.  How does cheesecake figure with a Jar of Dirt?  Just go see. She 'splains it all and her pictures are ever so charming.

Sorry Jack. You've been one-upped.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

CONTEST! - Iron Bay Chef 2

Listen up, ya scurvy lot. With both ears! Oh, um, if yer missin' an ear, come sit closer.

My Kitchen Sister, my Baking Bestie, my Cooking Comrade, my Kneading Kindred, my ... oh, you get the idea. My fellow foodie, Junie Ginsberg, has just made an important announcement on the Babbage Aetheric Reader (or as the Scoundrel Fleet calls it, "Where The Rum Went")

Last year during the air kraken migration the first Iron Bay Chef contest was held; it was intended to be an annual contest, so here we are again! Whether you are an evil genius or a street urchin (the two are not necessarily mutually-exclusive), whether have a kitchen or a secret lab, whether you cook in factory ovens or over campfires, I want YOU to roll up your sleeves, put those fancy-schmancy goggles to good use and whip up some good, old-fashioned, pungent mayhem. Let's find out who is hungry for power and who is just HUNGRY!

Want to know the rules of the contest, what the prizes are, and what the secret ingredient is? Set sail for the full announcement here!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rainbows and Rum - Drink Up!

Intrepid pirate Tamara Lowery has concocted a new drink that's perfect for Summertime. She says: 

"Had a rather successful experiment today. Took a large tumbler and put in several scoops of rainbow sherbet, about an inch or so of Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum, and topped it with lemon-lime soda. Quite tasty!"